Seminar, Xinqi Gong (Renmin University), Mathematical Intelligence Applications in Bio-medical Problems, J250


Friday, February 23, 2018, 3:00pm


Jefferson 250


Title: Mathematical Intelligence Applications in Bio-medical Problems

Abstract: The intersection among mathematics, information and biology has becoming more and more interesting and important. Many studies in this direction have led to developments of theories, methods and applications. But the too fast advancing of nowadays forefront information technology and biology knowledge, have triggered two obviously emerging phenomena, tremendous brand-new peaks accessible by new kinds of efforts, randomly meaningless results by in-correct intersections. Here I will show some of our recent results in developing and distinguishing efficiently intelligent approaches and applications for computational molecular biology and medical problems, such as protein structure-function-interaction prediction and pancreas cancer CT image analysis using algorithms like Fast Fourier transform, Monte Carlo, and deep learning, and some new designed physical and geometrical features.