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Adrian with a few models Adrian Ocneanu

Left: Adrian Ocneanu in his office at Harvard in 2017.
Right: This photo taken in 1999 shows Adrian holding Misner-Thorne-Wheeler in one hand, and some models in the other hand. He was celebrating the fact that he realized intertwiners, and coefficients like the 6j symbols, are made of a network of small permutohedra, in frames subject to Riemann curvature, namely gravity-like conditions.

This fall term, Professor Adrian Ocneanu, visiting from Penn State's mathematics department, will be teaching a course introducing completely new work in higher representation theory. Cross-listed in Harvard's physics and mathematics departments, the course will cover the construction of higher (category) simple Lie groups, their roots, weights and representations, and Dynkin and Young diagrams - all encoded by discrete Riemann curvature.

The course will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11AM in Jefferson 250. Course materials, including videos of lectures, will be posted on this website.

Relevant papers and talks

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Higher rep course poster

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