Mathematical Picture Language Project Seminar

This academic year, a seminar series in mathematical physics will be held in Jefferson 356 on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. Arthur Jaffe and Zhengwei Liu commenced the series with a talk introducing the Mathematical Picture Language Project on September 5th.

2017-2018 Mathematical Physics Seminars

Jefferson 356, 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, April 10 Zhiwei Yun, MIT

"Hitchin moduli spaces in automorphic representation theory"


Tuesday, April 3 Marcel Bischoff, Ohio University

"Quantum Symmetries and Conformal Nets"


Tuesday, March 27 Feng Xu, UC Riverside

"On questions around the reconstruction program"


Friday March 23 Wei Zhang, MIT

Special day and time: 3:00 p.m. Jefferson 250

"Superpositivity of L-functions and 'completion of square'"


Tuesday, March 20 Jürg Fröhlich, ETH Zurich

"Physics in 2D – from the Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition to Topological Insulators"


Tuesday, February 27 Hans Wenzl, UC San Diego

"Coideal Algebras and Subfactors"


Friday February 23 Xinqi Gong, Renin University in China

Special day and time: 3:00 p.m. Jefferson 250

"Mathematical Intelligence Applications in Bio-medical Problems"


Tuesday, February 13 Nicholas Early, University of Minnesota

"Canonical bases for permutohedral plates"


Friday, February 9 Boqing Xue,  Chinese Academy of Sciences

Special day and time: 10:00 a.m. Jefferson 453

"A basic introduction to the Riemann hypothesis"


Tuesday, February 6 Jacob Shapiro, ETH Zurich

"Bulk-Edge Duality and Complete Localization for Disordered Chiral Chains"


Friday, February 2 Yunxiang Ren, Tennessee State University

Special day and time: 4:00 p.m. Jefferson 250

"A new skein theory for One-Way Yang-Baxter planar algebras"


Tuesday, January 30 Kaifeng Bu, Harvard University and Zhejiang University

"de Finetti Theorems for Braiding Parafermions"


Tuesday, January 23 Bin Gui, Vanderbilt University

"A unitary tensor product theory for unitary vertex operator algebra modules"


Tuesday, January 16 Marco de Renzi, University of Paris 7

"Renormalized Hennings Invariants and TQFTs"


Tuesday, November 14 Dennis Gaitsgory, Harvard University

"Higher representation theory"

Tuesday, November 7 Liming Ge, UNH and Chinese Academy of Science
"From Riemann and Hilbert to Kadison-Singer"

Tuesday, October 31 Zhenghan Wang, Microsoft Station Q
"Reconstructing chiral CFTs/VOAs from 2D TQFTs/MTCs"

Tuesday, October 24 No Seminar

Tuesday, October 17 No Seminar

Thursday, October 12 Yasu Kawahigashi, University of Tokyo
Special day and time: 2:00 p.m. Jefferson 453
“From vertex operator algebras to operator algebras and back”

Tuesday, October 10 Michael Hopkins, Harvard University

"Reflection Positivity and Invertible Topological Phases"


Tuesday, October 3 Alina Vdovina, Newcastle University, UK
“Buildings, surfaces and quaternions” 

Tuesday, September 26 Jinsong Wu, Harvard University

“The Brascamp-Lieb Inequalities for Planar Algebras”


Tuesday, September 19

No Seminar, Brian Greene Public Lecture


Tuesday, September 12 William Norledge, Harvard University

“A Construction of Lattices in Buildings”

Tuesday, September 5 Arthur Jaffe and Zhengwei Liu, Harvard University

“An Introduction to the Picture Language Project”

This spring semester, starting February 5, 2019, seminars will generally be held in Jefferson 356 on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. This past fall semester, starting September 4, 2018, seminars were generally in Jefferson 356 on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m.

Exceptions are noted.

Tuesday, April 30 Shawn Cui, Virginia Tech
"Four Dimensional Topological Quantum Field Theories from G-crossed Braided Categories"

Tuesday, April 23 Yi-Hong Zhang, Tsinghua University
"Quantum many-body computation on a small quantum computer"

Tuesday, April 16 Emil Prodan, Yeshiva University
"Pushing index theorems into the Sobolev"

Tuesday, April 9 Claus Koestler, University College Cork
"Markovianity as a distribution symmetry"
Special Extra Seminar, Tuesday, April 9 4:30PM Alina Vdovina, Newcastle University
"Higher dimensional picture languages"

Tuesday, April 2 Mikael Rordam and Magdalena Elena Musat, University of Copenhagen
3PM : Mikael Roradam, "Highlights of the classification of simple nuclear C*-algebras"
4PM: Magdalena Elena Musat,  "Quantum correlations, factorizable channels, and the Connes Embedding Problem"

Tuesday, March 26 Jinsong Wu, Harbin Institute of Technology
"Fourier Analysis on Fusion Rings"

Tuesday, March 12 Youwei Zhao, University of Science and Technology of China
"A review of the surface code from an experimental perspective"

Tuesday, March 5 Kaifeng Bu, Harvard and Zhejiang University
"Efficient classical simulation of Clifford circuits with nonstabilizer input states"

Tuesday, February 26 Fei Wei, Harvard
"Entropy of arithmetic functions and arithmetic compactifications"

Tuesday, February 12 Liang Kong, Shenzhen Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology 
"A unified mathematical theory of gapped and gapless boundaries of 2d topological orders"

Tuesday, February 5 Zhengwei Liu, Harvard
"Quantum Error Correcting Codes"

Tuesday, November 13 William Norledge Pennsylvania State University
"The adjoint braid arrangement as a free Lie algebra in species via the Steinmann relations"

Friday, November 9 Xun Gao Harvard University and Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics
Special Day, Special Time: Now on Friday 3:30PM, Jefferson 256
"Pictorial language in quantum computation"

Tuesday, October 30 Chunlan Jiang Hebei Normal University
"Similarity Invariants of Geometric Operators"

Tuesday, October 23 Shamil Shakirov Harvard University
"Rational integrable systems associated with higher genus surfaces"

Tuesday, October 16 Christoph Gorgulla, Harvard Medical School
"A quantum mechanical free energy method based on Feynman's path integral formulation"

Tuesday, October 9 Jean-Bernard Zuber, Sorbonne Université
"ADE and all that, 30 years after"

Friday, October 5 Semyon Dyatlov, University of California, Berkeley and MIT
Special Day, Extra Seminar: Friday 4:30PM
Special Location: Jefferson 453
"Fractal uncertainty principle and quantum chaos"

Tuesday, October 2 Victor Kac, MIT
Special Time: 5:00 PM
"Multiplicative Poisson vertex algebras and differential-difference Hamiltonian equations"

Tuesday, September 25 Pavel Etingof, MIT 
"New symmetric tensor categories in positive characteristic"

Tuesday, September 18 Liming Ge, UNH and Chinese Academy of Sciences
"On Multiplicative Fourier Transform"

Friday, September 14 Zhengwei Liu, Harvard
Special Time and Location: Infinite Dimensional Analysis Seminar.
Friday, September 14 at 3pm in MIT Room 2-136
"Quantum Fourier Analysis"

Tuesday September 11 and Wednesday September 12: The regular seminar will be replaced by the 2018 Ahlfors Lectures on machine learning by Sanjeev Arora.

Friday, September 7 Zhengwei Liu, Harvard
Special Time and Location: Tufts University Mathematics Colloquium.
Friday, September 7 at 4pm. Tea at 3:30pm Bromfield-Pearson 101
Quantum Fourier Analysis

Tuesday, September 4 Bohan Fang, Peking University
"Mirror symmetry for the toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds"