Seminar, Jin-Long Huang (University of California San Diego), Exotic 3D Topologically Ordered States


Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 3:30pm


Jefferson 356

Jin-Long Huang

Title: Exotic 3D Topologically Ordered States

Abstract: In the search for finite temperature quantum memory, people have found an exotic 3D topological model, called the fracton model. A large class of them are known to have foliation structure. However, whether a foliated non-abelian fracton exists or not is still an open question.

We made a step forward by providing an explicit entanglement renormalization quantum circuit for layer decoupling of the quantum double model. We also constructed a different kind of 3D topological model, which allows for non-abelian generalization. However, its relation to the fracton model and traditional 3D topological order is not clear. I’ll present how to use logical/symmetry operators and a pivotal idea of entanglement renormalization circuit to study ground states properties.