TQC2019Topological Quantum Computing Conference (2019)

Beijing VisitBeijing Working Group, Summer 2019

Dinner after a seminar

Spring Semester 2019

Group members with Bohan Fang after Bohan Fang's seminar in mirror symmetry.

Start of Fall Semester 2018


Youwei Zhao, Zhengwei Liu, Profs. Xiaobo Zhu and Feihu Xu, and Arthur Jaffe discuss.

Shanghai Visit 2018


Beijing building

China Buildings 2018


Picture Language 2018 Excursions

Picture Language 2018 Excursions


Group photo of workshop participants

Picture Langage 2018 at the AMSS





Memory Wizard Wang Feng 3/24/2018


After seminar

Group Photos 2017-2018


nicholas visit

Nicolas Early Visit 2/2018



Zhengwei Liu

Zhengwei Liu MIT Seminar


Arthur Jaffe talks at Peking University

Outreach: October 2017 Beijing



Jürg Fröhlich and Wei Zhang Visits




Dennis Gaitsgory giving his talk

Hopkins and Gaitsgory Seminars


Alina discussion

Alina Vdovina and Sergei Gelfand Visits


Zhenghang Wang's talk

Zhenghan Wang Visit