Picture Language 2018 at the AMSS


A number of persons from the Mathematical Picture Language Project at Harvard met in Beijing as a small working group during the month June 15 to July 15, 2018. This gathering took place in collaboration with the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is is under the auspices of Academician Nanhua Xi. The working group was organized by Arthur Jaffe and Liming Ge, with the extensive assistance of Boqing Xue.

The small working group included several students. The idea was to focus on research relating to representation theory and quantum information. Participants in the working group included: Vincent Braunack-Mayer, Kaifeng Bu, Terry Gannon, Liming Ge, Kibrom Gebrehiwot, Weichen Gu, Linzhe Huang, Arthur Jaffe, Davis Lazowski, Lu Li, Xiang Li, Zongzhu Lin, Zhengwei Liu, Yunxiang Ren, Michele Tienni, Alex Wozniakowski, Jinsong Wu, Boqing Xue, and Hanbin Zhang.

This photo shows the newer AMSS Building:
Photo of AMSS main building.

Here are some other photos from Beijing.

In addition to the working group seminars listed below, Zhengwei Liu gave six lectures on planar algebras at Tsinghua University.

List of Talks

Friday July 13, 3:30-4:30PM, N902, Zhengwei Liu, Harvard University
Things we learned in the 2018 Mathematical Picture Language working group!

Wednesday July 11, 3-4PM, N902, Michele Tienni & Davis Lazowski, Harvard University
Lie Algebras and Hall Algebras

Tuesday July 10, 3-4PM, N902, Yunxiang Ren, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Applications of Planar Algebras to Graph Theory

Monday July 9, 3-4PM, N902, Li Han, Georgia Institute of Technology
Introduction to Random Matrix Theory and Topological Recursion

Friday July 6, 3-4PM, N902, Zhongzhu Lin, Kansas State University
Representation theoretic and geometric approach to constructing quantum groups

Thursday July 5, 4PM-5PM, N613, Zhengwei Liu, Harvard University
Topological Design of Protocols

Thursday July 5, 10AM-11AM, N226, Kaifeng Bu, Zhejiang Univeristy
One-Shot Resource Theory

Wednesday July 4, 4:20-5:20PM, N902, Alex Wozniakowski, Nanyang Technological University
An Introduction to Supervised Deep Learning

Wednesday July 4, 3-4PM, N902: Michele Tienni, Harvard University
Subfactors and Topological Quantum Field Theories

Friday June 29, 3-4PM, N620: Shunlong Luo, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Symmetry Quantification

Wednesday June 27, 3-4PM, N620: Davis Lazowski, Harvard University
A categorical construction of ADE root systems

Monday June 25, 3-4PM, N620: Weichen Gu, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
A new duality on graph invariants and its application in quantum information

Friday June 22, 3-4PM, N210: Vincent Braunack-Mayer, University of Zurich
Rational parametrised stable homotopy theory

Wednesday June 20, 4:30-5:30PM, N109: Jinsong Wu, Harbin Institute of Technology
Antisymmetric characters and Fourier duality

Wednesday June 20, 3-4PM, N109: Zhengwei Liu, Harvard University
Picture Language Program

Tuesday June 19, 10-11AM, N212: Terry Gannon, University of Alberta
Exceptional modular invariants are rare