MURI Project

The MURI team
Starting June 1, 2020, the Mathematical Picture Language Project became a component of the Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI), Certifiable Automated Reasoning: Theoretical Understanding and Experimental Realization, sponsored by the Army Research Office (ARO). This project is based at Harvard University, in collaboration with UCSB and Johns Hopkins University, along with other collaborators. Above we picture the principal-investigator members of MURI team.

The MURI vision is to develop picture languages, to study topological quantum computing including quantum error correction, quantum logic, and physical systems related to quantum information, to bring further ideas from higher category theory and homotopy type theory (HoTT) into quantum physics, to study quantum Fourier analysis, and to attempt to implement quantum error correction in the laboratory, presumably using arrays of Rydberg qubits.

One main goal of the project is make progress through collaboration that takes advantage of the breadth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and past accomplishments of the investigators. This covers an unusually broad intellectual landscape in mathematics, logic, computer science, theoretical physics, and experimental physics. The magnitude of the scope of our project makes it both exciting and also challenging. 

We held a kickoff meeting for the MURI on May 26, 2020, via Zoom. The MURI vision began with a brief overview of the project by Arthur Jaffe, followed by talks by each of the eight principal investigators about the work of their groups. Publications from the MURI project will be listed on the MURI Project Publications page of this website.